Ladies Night – Sip and Shop 🥂

On Saturday I attended the Ladies Night Sip and Shop hosted by Valencia Makeup & Styling.

Val (an incredible MUA) invited me to attend her event and to come and check out the BYS cosmetics, and of course, the makeup junkie that I am was beyond excited to check it out.

I arrived with the bestie in tow and we were greeted by Val, her photographer, and the cutest little bartender ever.

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful table full of all makeup. The eye-shadow pallets were to die for and rose gold oval brushes were begging me to buy them (even though I already own oval brushes) I wanted everything on that table.

And then told myself to calm down and test some of the products and find out more about the brand. The testers sold me on the make up even more and Val had all the information about BYS up on a screen and I found out that;

1. BYS is animal cruelty free

2. BYS is an Australian brand

3. BYS is super affordable

The fact that BYS is animal cruelty free is a huge deal for me as an animal lover and it really sucks when brands test their products on animals.

Val was an exceptional host and gifted me with an incredible Glamatory box with a whole lot of BYS products to test out. (Which I am super excited to try out)

All in all the Ladies Night was beautiful and fun evening, and I will most definitely be buying myself some BYS cosmetics. 💸💸💄💄



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